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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Day continues...for just one more day! ;)

Since Gray only attends school twice a week (on Mondays and Wednesdays)...
he had some 'belated' cards and candies to hand out today, and in typical Lincoln-fashion,
Lincy-bear was in on that delivery-process, too!

Here are a handful of quick pics I snapped while 'tagging along' with them:

Delivering the lute. ;)
Giving Mrs. True her 'Roca.'

In line with one of his little classmates. 

Simple joy.
Excited to deliver goodies to his other teacher.
Mrs. Schreiner finally arrives!
So happy she likes her chocolates. ;) 

Perhaps one of the single-most greatest gifts of being a parent is teaching your children to not only SERVE and do good & kind things for others, but to find the ENJOYMENT in doing so and receive the BLESSING from doing so.

Special deliveries to Nana M.

I was tickled to a giddy point today, watching that very concept unfold in both of my boys.

As I told Gray tonight during bible-study...God was smiling with this proud mama, I'm sure of that!


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