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Friday, August 23, 2013


No profound deep insights...nope. Not today.

TODAY is just a celebration of... well.. TODAY!
Another gift of a day, given to me--another day I did absolutely nothing to earn.

And on THIS gifted day, I celebrate LIVING.

Today, I'm putting on my purple--a very special shirt, custom-designed just for me by a dear, loving heart, in fact--but I'm sporting my awareness for ALL who have fought, are fighting or WILL fight cancer in the future. My prayer for us all is that we RISE UP to the occasion...take it as an opportunity to show that an evil like cancer has nothing on Christ's Life.

I embrace my Spiritual Royalty today. I proclaim HEALTH. Today.

Because tomorrow may not be the case.

I celebrate with all in my life, today, who are God-ordained to be there.
I thank Him for each and every person--even those I don't call friend. Especially those, in fact.

Today. My purple speaks for me and who I am, right now.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring. Maybe I'll be blue. Or green. Or red.

But TODAY...


Care to join me?! ;)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Purple's My New Pink--part.2


Prepare yourselves friends and readers, for I am about to climb aboard a HUGE soapbox.
For those of you I offend, I suggest you ask yourself why you're offended.

So. Here it goes.

I've. Had. Enough.

I just don't understand how to stress the importance of what God has taught me this last year. I suppose I keep hoping to see people who have said my story has 'inspired' them to actually be CHANGED by it--not just 'temporarily' effected.
Why, if you ARE so inspired by what I have shared this past year do I still see and hear so much complaining?!?

A while back, I typed a blog on this--and I know that all along this journey, 'circumstances' have been the 'theme' of the lessons God's been teaching me--but for real.
If I hear one more 'I had a bad day today' because of A, B and C...
or 'my life is terrible' because of A, B and C...
or 'woe is me' because of A, B and C......
I may seriously start pulling out this short but thick head of hair that my body has been working HARD to re-grow this past few months!!!

I don't want to hear another person say 'you inspire me' whose attitude doesn't reflect a conscientious decision to embrace a change of heart about what happiness is. What I really want to hear/see?
People focus on their blessings. Focus on the positives. FOCUS ON CHRIST.

Make it a habit to Thank God daily.
Had a bad day? Fine. BUT SPEAK WITH YOUR MOUTH what in or about it was good.
Cause there IS good...
Just the fact that you HAD ANOTHER DAY is good!

There is such a disgustingly prominent attitude in our country that we 'deserve' things/scenarios........
it's a literal rampant DISEASE to our thought-process about 'how we're doing' and 'how we're measuring up' and it makes me sick to sign onto our social-networking and see the sheer number of my friends and family who are, obviously, not touching Christ's Life enough to be seeing past the end of their own nose.

It's basic, people.
Basic choosing.
Choosing to look past ourselves--calling on the Lord and asking Him to save us from ourselves.

And let me just remind you...
ALL the things you think made your day bad...
they are gonna GO UP IN FLAMES.

You aren't taking the flashy boat, or the fancy house... the flashy clothes or the newest technological devise that you desire.
Even the very MONEY that you craved having to spend on all these things will burn up.

I am not saying these things to scare you into wisdom--though if it does, great. :)
Rather I'm just encouraging you to think about what you define as 'inspiration' and if it is ETERNAL and life-changing like some of you claim, I challenge you to APPLY IT to your lives.
Stop seeking some kind of 'status' for all others approval...and start using your gifted breath and moments to BE GRATEFUL--for we ALL have the one thing that matters to be joyfully eternal for, right at our fingertips.

As promised, I have re-written the purple-poem. Nothing real deep, but I had fun doing it.
And let me also reveal yet another AWESOME significance to my new favorite color--it is representative of royalty--and as a daughter of the greatest King, I can proudly say that THAT 'status' *though not at all earned by me or deserved by any means* is one I joyfully flaunt~

With whatever I feel like, because how I look doesn’t matter.
And I shall use my money towards things eternal--
And bless OTHERS and in turn, myself.
I will be without when I have given it away for things that Glorify
And I will ‘calm my spirit’ by calling on the Lord’s name
And spread the Good News wherever I go--like a crazy God-lover
And sing my favorite hymns and worship songs loudly and proudly 
And make up for the ‘quiet’ of my before-cancer ignorance.
I shall go out in my bathrobe in the morning, and ‘show Courage’
And learn how to kick cancer’s butt, again, if necessary
You can wear Jesus Loves You shirts and grow more Life
And believe in feeding the five-thousand with five loaves & two fish
Or otherwise profess an un-achieved faith
And hoard nothing of wordly things--rather only God’s people
But now we must shed our ideas of ‘happiness’ and ‘success’
And not forget to represent for the unsaved world
And stop throwing pity-parties for our ‘bad day’
We must work hard WITHOUT expectation of anything in return.
But surely I ought to practice this NOW!
So people whom still need to find their salvation are not missed
While I am living and wearing Purple.

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