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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Provisions of People...

It just continues to amaze me, even as the post-cancer part of this whole journey carries on, the provisions that unfold each day. Provisions of finances--as medical bills continue to linger and pour in monthly, provisions of emotional and spiritual support--as adjusting to this 'new normal' has proven to be more daunting and overwhelming than much of actual treatment was *something I was not necessarily expecting* But most of all, provisions in the form of PEOPLE.

If there's one very big gift gained from going through something life-altering, it's grasping the importance of our interactions with those we cross paths... and that is not limited to those already a part of our life... rather absolutely any and every person God brings our way on a daily basis.
I said in another blog-post a while back that I've become 'that crazy-lady' in the checkout line who searches out deeper conversation and fellowship with any and all who will engage with me and how that is now just a part of my reality. Walking past someone in a parking-lot without making conscious eye-contact, if even just to offer a smile is nearly unheard of for me, these days.
The thing that sets me back a bit, however, is the 1 in 5 times worth of concerted effort that the person reciprocates. It's sad really just how few DO respond in the same friendly and open manner... and I live in a small town where you'd hope that number would be even higher. God forbid I ever move to a metropolis and have to find out the even sadder statistical reality. What does not surprise me, however, is how in nearly every reciprocated case I find out that they, too, have a story that has led them to live life differently. This is something I've reeeeeeally grown to appreciate about other survivors, conquerers, and what-have-you. Their grasp on the preciousness of moments and other people is fierce. So fierce that they too are extra-open and 'weirdly forward,' like me.

I. love. that.

Today, while enjoying a loooooong overdue chat with my beloved c-sister, Amy, a very personal and raw topic arose in our conversation which led her to mention a friend of hers whom she wanted to connect me with. I will provide more details of this connection at a later time, I'm sure, as it could be the start of something very big in our lives...or it could end up being no more than just another awesome person in my life. Whichever prevails, I am thankful for her, as she too is a survivor.. and after our completely meaningful and lovely chat tonight, there is no doubt of God's doing in our connection.

Perhaps what I love the very most about having no time to be formal and dealing with people who live by that same concept, is that you can just CUT TO THE CHASE. It is really lovely to talk to a complete stranger as though you've known them your whole life and have them feel so completely comfortable and welcoming of that in return. Then, to find out not ten minutes into your informal 'stranger chat' that you have mutual connections in the real world *we're talking from like childhood years*--is just confirmation of God's hand in your meeting.

I am 100 *and ten* percent convinced that this IS the way God designed us to interact with and love one another. Look at Jesus..the way He just walked right up to people offering hugs, comfort, support, food, blessings, etc etc.. while they were yet 'strangers.' Lest we need to be reminded, 'stranger' is a foreign word in the spiritual world as Julie (this new friend of mine, via my provisioned c-sister) was and is already a sister-in-Christ and therefore never was a true stranger.

Cancer or no cancer.
Life-altering event or no life-altering event.

THIS WEEK.. tomorrow..
and the next day..

I challenge you to treat every single person who crosses your path like a loved-one.

Bless them with your smile.
Ask them how their day is going.... and really mean it.
Pay for their lunch. Or even just a coffee. Or give them your bottle-return voucher.
Or just make a concerted effort to hold the door for them and catch their eye-contact so as to say...I see you and I know you are here, crossing my path today.

You might be amazed to uncover how many of those 'random' interactions are provisions of people with a very deep purpose in and for your life~

Thursday, December 12, 2013

To My First Born~

Just seven years ago...

I learned a lot.

I learned that Hollywood's version of a water-breaking doesn't necessarily mean that the Hoover Dam just busted open. Rather, it can also come more in the form of something somewhat equivalent to tinkling ones-self a little, every few minutes. *Sorry if that's TMI, but it's true.*

I learned that timing is NEVER in your did my class of sweet, innocent little 6th graders whom I gave it my all to keep 'out of the labor loop' so as to avoid unnecessary and total pandemonium.

I learned that West Linn Middle School that is, technically, 15 minutes away from Meridian Park Medical Center in Tualatin, could be reached in under 10 minutes, when necessary.

I learned that first-time fathers, when also in a sheer panic, WILL spend 2 hours packing nearly 'everything but the kitchen-sink' for fear of forgetting a hospital 'necessity.'

I learned that the commonly used intro 'It was a dark and stormy night' is an accurate foreshadowing of something big and important to follow.

I learned that labor hurts.

I also learned that labor can be LONG. (31.5 hrs long)

I learned that family who loves deeply, hurts and FIGHTS with you in the deepest and cutting of precious moments in your life can and WILL make the best of a hospital waiting-room space.
Aka: Pushing together reception chairs to make 'beds' for themselves, raiding hallway vending machines to fend off more true hunger--not wanting to miss anything.
Even forming prayer circles around your hospital bed when talk of c-section arises.

I learned that 6 lbs and 9 ounces worth of hard-earned fresh human-being possesses the capability of changing absolutely EVERY THING you thought you knew, were or wanted to be...
and that's just after it's first gulp of life, amidst yours.

I learned that brand-newborns are incredibly soft.
And messy.
And kissable, warm little chest-snugglers!

I learned that skin-to-skin contact for breathing struggles really IS healing.
And heart-tugging as well.

I learned that nursing doesn't always just 'come natural'...and is difficult for some.
Especially for mama's with smaller, early-arrivals.

I learned that daddy's feel scared. Filled with love, but also fearful of the responsibility for a new little human.
I also learned that daddy's feel this fear because of how intense and deep their love and concern for their children, lies.

I learned that baby boys can reeeeally pee on you if you're not good and ready with a fresh diaper.
I also learned that the potential distance of that pee is really quite remarkable from such a tiny person.*We're talking across a standard-sized bedroom!*

I learned that it's ok to do what's best for you and your tiny, starving baby, and just because formula is necessary, doesn't mean a life was totally ruined.
*Heck, with all the other things out there causing diseases left and right, it probably won't make much difference in the long run, anyway.*

I learned that the definition of 'mom' has probably one of the most involved *or should* definitions in the Standard Dictionary of Terminology and that becoming one is absolutely, hands-down one of the most challenging, humbling and rewarding things one can do with her life.

One thing I DIDN'T learn on that day, however, was that I would love motherhood. I knew that from way back when I myself was still running around with baby-dolls and sippy cups in hand and then day-dreaming all through my teenage-years about the three or four children my husband and I would have.

However, the measure of love I have for this most awesome of titles--first given to me by my precious Grayson Milo, just seven years ago--was, and still is, truly, inconceivable~

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