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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a quick bit, inspired by a five-year-old's wisdom...

Tonight, while doing the nightly bible-study the boys and I do together before bedtime, the subject was flowers and how God 'dresses' them. The point was to get us to think about how if He promises to clothe and water and provide all other needs that wildflowers have to survive, we need not worry, fret or stew about His providing US those necessities, either.

Our book went on to question what our own worries are. Upon being asked, my five-year old thought for a moment and then exclaimed 'light.' Puzzled by his response, I asked him to explain what he meant. 'The sunlight,' he added. 'What about the sunlight worries you, son?' Responding with worry in his face, 'When I look up, it gets in my eyes and it hurts my eyes. I really worry about that.'
*Thinking to myself...gee, to be a kid again and have THAT be the largest of my worries, lol.*
'I see,' I replied.

In reading more, we were reminded that we need not worry and to think of the wildflowers and then think of OURSELVES as His beautiful flowers. As I read this, Gray said...'Oh! I get it!' Giving another puzzled look, 'You get what, honey?' That you need to be one of the wildflowers when you get worried? Gray responses, 'No, mama...I need to LOOK AT the wildflowers when I want to keep the sun out of my eyes.'

Lightbulb turns on and a big smile comes over my face...'Because they are on the ground and the sun is up high, so keeping your head down will keep the sun out of your eyes? Is that what you mean?!!'
'EXACTLY!', Gray exclaims. Letting out a big, long and refreshed sigh 'Thank you, son, for the beautiful message and metaphor you just made my day and I will cherish it's advice, always.' *kissing his head*

Gray grows the same puzzled look I'd worn earlier and pauses.
'Mama...what's a me-tah-for?'
*Giggling* 'A topic for another night, son.'

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