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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Three and Two…

Why these numbers, you ask?

They are the evil combo at which are now staring me in the face and,
as of Thursday, will be a small portion of how I am 'defined.'

That's what I have to say about that.

Who ever said the thirties are terrific
I mean, sure, I am healthy, I am waaaaaaaaay more blessed than what
I deserve and my life, overall, is absolutely terrific…but ADMITTING the
old-sounding age of thirty-two years old doesn't exactly fall under my most
eager-to-discuss topics, that's for sure. :P
I'm beginning to realize why women start getting offended
by admitting their age and, for that matter, 'celebrating' their birthday at all,
by the time the thirties are here. 
So many things in my life feel like 'been there, done that'…when in my twenties,
so many ideas and thoughts were just bursting with anticipation of 'someday.'

'Someday' I'll get married. (Been there, done that.)
'Someday' I'll direct a choir. (Been there, done that.)
'Someday' I'll buy my first house.' (Been there, done that.)
'Someday' I'll have kids. (Been there, done that.)
''Someday' I'll teach/profess college-level students. (Been there, done that.)
'Someday' I'll own my own business. (Been there, done that.)

See what I mean???

Sure, some of you are probably like…what are you griping about, those are great things to 
have checked-off by your thirties…and I'm not disagreeing. I'm just suggesting that having
reached these 'milestones' has contributed to my feeling old and somewhat disgusted at
the idea of getting ANY OLDER.

So, as inspired by a recent post one of my cousins made, I am claiming my 'number' in a different way.
Instead of turning thirty-two, I will be three and two.

No, i'm not trying to be 5 yrs old again, lol.

I'm claiming each of these numbers for different purposes, as related to my aforementioned list of accomplishments.
(See below)

3+ 2 = 5 *I know, impressive, right?! ;P Take that sum and times it by the 2 and you get 10. 
A bit far fetched, I know…but it's the number of years I will have said 'I do' to Aaron this coming anniversary. ;)

3 is the number of choral teaching-jobs I have held since graduating from college in 2003.

Ironically (or not), 5-2-3 are the three numbers of our street address (the only house we've bought, thus-far.)
I SWEAR, it's true! Cool, huh?

2 is the number of children I have. 3 is the number I wish to have, someday, and 5 is the total number of 'boys' that I presently claim (3 boys and 2 boy-dogs.) ;)

8/23 is the date of the first voice-lesson I ever gave once I owned a bona fide, registered business. :)

Suddenly, turning 3-2 isn't so bad after-all…at least not when I look at the awesome significance those numbers have been to my life and achieving my aspirations.

That said, bring on the cake! ;)

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